About Us

About Us:

After catering for friends and family as a side, Delise Robarts began her small catering company Sweet Basil Country Catering in 1993. It started in her tiny kitchen with two refrigerators and minimal counter space. The six burner one oven garland took center stage as she created “moveable feasts” for weddings and parties throughout the NEK. Soon the catering business was booming and Delise gained a strong reputation for providing fresh seasonal food beautifully and tastefully displayed. She had out grown her small kitchen and the search was on for a bigger space.

Cafe Sweet Basil opened its doors in March of 2001. With a great reputation it was an instant success with people lined up outside waiting for a table. 12 years later Cafe Sweet Basil is still here and even though you may not see her, Delise is back there in the kitchen cooking your meal from start to finish and people are still lining up for Sweet Basil’s special culinary touch.

Thanks for checking us out we look forward to meeting you.